mind you

There is a body on the beach Follows in my footsteps I run from it salty hiss whispers lure me to sit stumbling at its lip Oh to taste that salty spit and let it take me to be fluid within its kiss. I stare into its open swell perfect and repetitive. Like breath it […]

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wearing my tie

That was enough of a sign. In a draughty both├ín, they looked at themselves in grubby mirrors, uncertain of whether it’s muck gathering on their faces or just mirror-murk. The wind is extra howly due to the jagged, stone walls and inspiration is all around; that raw feeling that they sought, the unknowable voice which […]

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don’t give me that

When I sit and look at things, I mean really look, I see nothing. And maybe that is because there is nothing. Not nothing in the traditional sense, where one might think of a void or a space within which there is no object but simply a time when nothing happened. This, of course leads […]

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there was never

a plan that never was. That’s the best way to approach this subject. Not that I’m trying to shy away from the truth of my situation. Anyway, enough about me. Although I am the subject of this interpretation I will only get in the way if I keep blabbing. Back to the story, if you […]

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