What is ‘it’?

I take my hand and wonder who I am. Life, as soul is complex, and as I drift I learn simplicity. I move away and know I am looked after. I know I am not me, I am beyond myself, my idea of a person who lives and eats yet I have to live and […]

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It’s a fairly serious question, really. I’m not scared of it, just giving it a nod..from a respectable distance…without actually looking at it. At the moment I feel like an amalgamation of two people; my uncle Tom and my dad. Are we all that? Is that all we are? It’s hard to say¬† because when […]

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forgive me for interrupting but i noticed you were wearing my tie. Why would I be wearing your tie? I thought you knew something about the future. No, that’s not me. I only know about now. What about you? What do you know? I only know small things, like facts about politics and general knowledge. […]

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Statrick’s day

In the morning there used to be an excited thing going on. We can have sweets today. Lent was somehow excused, fine by us. So it was up and off to mass for 11 then the parade afterwards. We’d begin to stuff ourselves with chocolate. St Patrick? Who was that? An excuse to eat sweets. […]

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Open Heart Surgery

As a human I sometimes find it difficult to think about who I really am in the world. As if, somehow I need to be told where to go and what to do. I need an army of people to tell me where to be and at what time. There’s nothing wrong with that, of […]

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