The stopping start of a footslip on the mud track let a death hue seep through. When the future was no drizzly dream, but now, as I lied in my deep. The sight of the water surprised me. Looking at it now it was the mirror that changed my face. I was in their hands, […]

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Killing Time

  We gripped and tied hind legs, then drew in a third in a final bind.   One subtle knife-stroke coupled with a quick neck crack, kicking legs only made the frothing flow run. Disheen’s gore-proof smock snapped to attention as he moved on to the next.   Once purged, two of us was ample […]

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Am I the bird? Is the bird me? And as I sit, enveloped by the streetlit city, brick and dark tar lines and nature like a spot on the face of it. No stars, just lights on all night ‘for our safety’. We can’t leave ourselves alone. We’re not safe. Artificial light to not feel […]

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