Exo-skeletal, curl-you round the ground but not underneath. The swirls which sought to be root became air. A renegade sun-seeker, nestled in light. A celtic note from that garden dug. The smell of damp brick and moss, in a deserted corner. A fox dance-and-bow on my wall. Gives a glimpse of our own shifty nature. […]

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Conditional Human

When I’m out walking I don’t compare. I look, I experience. I let it in and it does me good. When I go out for a walk I ‘escape’ the life I chose to live. Is that ok? What is it about me which needs that to happen? We are always thinking about what’s wrong […]

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Something afoot

So I’ve decided that after 20 years of hard graft (11 years of which have been in sustainable food) I’m going to pack it in for a bit and do something different. As of the end of this year I’ll be finishing at Glebelands (which has been an amazing experience) to get some part time […]

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Interesting what walls are made out of. I took my daughter and dog out for a scoot to the pigs the other day, between downpours. Autumn weather settling in, leaves and birds scattered in the sky. Clouds racing along beyond. “I don’t like the wind”, she says. I then take time to point out that […]

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Kersal Dale

It starts off damp and we’re in the woods. This piece of urban countryside is sometimes about searching. We didn’t have a great plan for the walk but getting to the cliff was part of it. We listen to each other and begin to find a groove past the poplars and on up through freshfallen […]

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