Flying or Dying?

At the moment I’m undergoing training with Way of Nature UK which I’m enjoying very much. The training is subtle yet powerful. I find myself not thinking about it for a while but then thrown completely into its path. I decided to take on the training before moving to Italy. It felt like the right […]

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A Microadventure in the Hills

Around 9 months ago I had my first solo in the hills which I’ve wanted to write about for ages and is still very clear in my mind. The forecast said it would be windy. 50mph winds that night, to be precise. I headed south to the Peak District late afternoon, for an evening out […]

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Golden Oriole

I caught a flash this morning, did not dare do a double take. eyes pursued quick flight from oak to oak. The song: sweet, loud, tropical; sure. Dawn light showed brilliant bright yellow bird body. Its possibility only shared yesterday, as if it called ahead. A quick ruffle through pages to identify what faulty sight […]

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What’s the point of Adventure?

I just read an article¬†by the ace Alastair Humphreys where he encourages people to do a good thing when they plan an adventure, like raise money for charity or raise awareness for environmental causes, etc. This article really struck a chord. Since going on my one and only adventure last year my life has changed […]

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Slow Journey of the Scree

Crossing the river in sturdy boots was easier than barefoot, which I did the previous time to save myself a soaking. The rain passes, the ground is damp and the clay soil surface is slippery. We head upstream to see where best to tackle the steep bit from. Following a tributary, a clearing opens up. […]

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