Can you handle it?

Sometimes I think I’m made of resilience, like the world can throw anything at me and It’ll just glance off, ending up in the bramble patch along with other things I can handle, because I’m steely like a Gladiator and the challenges of being a father, partner, brother, son and friend are nothing to me. […]

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Show Me

While making lunch i spotted this cheeky twig which snuck its way under my shoelace during my morning hike. Loving the poetry of this moment, outdoor meets indoor, instant recall of making my way through crackly, fallen branches on the river bank. It gives me the powerful feeling that nature is always here for me, […]

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Always a River

There is beauty in everything but it is important to acknowledge that hard times happen. They do! Most people deal with these alone. And in many ways it is a lonely journey, because growth can only happen for you and these feelings only happen to your personal journey. But, actually they also happen to every […]

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The Natural Bridge?

I am all for a beautiful image and metaphor concerning nature. However, at this moment in time there are a host of people making serious money from the abuse of the natural world; whether it’s the camera crews that head out to the all but forgotten parts of the planet, risking everything for that slo […]

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TV- Gimme a Break!

When I was a kid, I loved TV. I would watch anything. Whatever TV had, I was ready to consume. All 2 channels worth of it. At the time we had only RTE 1 and Network 2. Two whole channels of indiscriminate TV. It was, in some ways, a major focal point for our family; […]

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I am an outsider. A freak. Not normal. How many people can relate to that statement? I am a piece of shit. A nobody. A loser. A loner. How many feel that one? It’s amazing the stories we tell ourselves. Who am I? What is it like to be Alan? I sometimes stop and think. […]

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