Me and My Shadow

We all have a shadow, both dark and golden, whether we know it or not. The golden shadow refers to the parts of ourselves we hide from the world, such as our talents, abilities and amazing potential. I’ll mainly talk about the dark shadow in this piece. The dark shadow is that part of us […]

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Show Me

While making lunch i spotted this cheeky twig which snuck its way under my shoelace during my morning hike. Loving the poetry of this moment, outdoor meets indoor, instant recall of making my way through crackly, fallen branches on the river bank. It gives me the powerful feeling that nature is always here for me, […]

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Always a River

There is beauty in everything but it is important to acknowledge that hard times happen. They do! Most people deal with these alone. And in many ways it is a lonely journey, because growth can only happen for you and these feelings only happen to your personal journey. But, actually they also happen to every […]

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Brenee Brown is amazing. She specialises in shame. It’s such a powerful force in this world and well worth being more aware of. For example, normally I would feel fear and shame posting this kind of thing because I would fear being judged by friends. This has held me back for too long. I have […]

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Facing The Shadow

I’ve been wanting to share about Shadow Work for a while now. What is Shadow Work? It’s acknowledging and integrating of those parts of us which we hide from the world, for one reason or another. I have taken a course in shadow work these past months and the results have been fantastic. I have […]

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Lazy Winter Creative

How can I do nothing? I would love to do nothing all the time. Look at the trees. Look at the rocks. These things appear pretty lazy – or are they just in a constant creative state? I’ve never considered myself a lazy person until recently. I worked hard for years and years at jobs […]

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