The Natural Bridge?

I am all for a beautiful image and metaphor concerning nature. However, at this moment in time there are a host of people making serious money from the abuse of the natural world; whether it’s the camera crews that head out to the all but forgotten parts of the planet, risking everything for that slo […]

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TV- Gimme a Break!

When I was a kid, I loved TV. I would watch anything. Whatever TV had, I was ready to consume. All 2 channels worth of it. At the time we had only RTE 1 and Network 2. Two whole channels of indiscriminate TV. It was, in some ways, a major focal point for our family; […]

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Do We Live in a Monoculture?

I grew up in a different time. Time literally was different. People had time for each other. Things happened slowly. Growing up in a rural community, it wasn’t always easy to get the right part for the job. Parts for tractors and farm machinery were sometimes improvised; people weren’t so bothered about replacing original lights […]

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Lazy Winter Creative

How can I do nothing? I would love to do nothing all the time. Look at the trees. Look at the rocks. These things appear pretty lazy – or are they just in a constant creative state? I’ve never considered myself a lazy person until recently. I worked hard for years and years at jobs […]

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I am an outsider. A freak. Not normal. How many people can relate to that statement? I am a piece of shit. A nobody. A loser. A loner. How many feel that one? It’s amazing the stories we tell ourselves. Who am I? What is it like to be Alan? I sometimes stop and think. […]

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Accepting my Contradictions

I own a 4X4. To some of you, I represent the worst kind of evil. To others, owning a 4X4 is a fantastic idea and many of you really won’t care either way. I spent many years living as though I hated 4X4 drivers. These cars came to be a symbol of capitalist greed, excess […]

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I’ve decided to free myself from self-imposed writing constraints for a while. It’s like I have put an expectation on myself to have to say something important and insightful. Oh no, hang on: I plan on continuing that, just in a different way, I spose. It’s a big universe out there and I have loads […]

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