What’s the point of Adventure?

I just read an article by the ace Alastair Humphreys where he encourages people to do a good thing when they plan an adventure, like raise money for charity or raise awareness for environmental causes, etc.

This article really struck a chord. Since going on my one and only adventure last year my life has changed in a really positive way. The adventure itself was worthwhile but the fundraising made it real. I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise and I don’t particularly feel motivated to do another (which is a bit puzzling, actually), mainly because I don’t have a solid reason to. Am I lacking in motivation for crazy thrills and experiences? I don’t know!

I did my adventure pretty much alone so didn’t really get a ticket into the adventure world doing through it. But, to me that’s a world of fancy, expensive gear and looking cool.

However, I REALLY want to do another adventure and raise another chunk of money for charity or raise awareness for a brilliant cause. THAT really motivates me. Getting out into nature really inspires me. I’m not sure of the next steps, however. I’m a bit short on ideas, maybe.

Big adventures on the cheap and for a good cause. Otherwise it’s vanity.

Do you agree?



What’s the point of Adventure?